About me:

Redhead, Wife, Mother, Analog Collage Artist, Sea Creature Enthusiast, Wine Lover, Mystery Reader.




Making art is a deeply personal experience; to sum that up in a small statement is something that my brain (and anxiety) cannot fully handle. So we'll just talk this out:  I collage because I enjoy both the process and the outcome, equally. The process of searching for images is like a meditation and the greatest thing about collage is that it waits for you. Even if I only have the energy to rip out images from a magazine or clip out weird recipes and ugly food photos I am still working. I am still being creative.  Then, on those days when I am so ready to work it's all right there. Piles of wonderful images just waiting to make connections. *


*This statement is a work in progress.




If you are interested in any of the work drop me a note. Or just say hi.